Today is my day off and I have done quite a lot of little errands and chores. One of the more dreaded tasks for the day was mowing my grass. Yuck and awful and all that. But it had to be done, so I did it.

All was going really well until I finished up and had stored the mower and was walking back to my house. I was wearing ear buds attached to my phone that was in its normal storage place. Which may or may NOT be a pocket. Anyway, I looked down for some reason and I’m like 85% sure I saw a GIANT spider crawling up my chest. Well of course I flipped the eff out and brushed it away. But I was wearing a deep-ish cut shirt and I couldn’t tell for sure of I brushed it off of me or down my shirt. Which of course was an unpleasant feeling. In the process of brushing myself off in my gravel driveway, my phone fell out of my “pocket” and landed in the driveway, pulling out the ear buds. I tossed my sunglasses next to it, stepped out of my flip flops and started looking down my shirt.

Clearly I looked quite absurd dancing around my driveway fluffing my hair and staring down my shirt. So I ran over to my back patio and stripped down. Never did see another hint of the spider, but as I’d pulled my shirt over my head, I got worried it was in my hair, so I ran inside and immediately into a cold shower.

Needless to say, I never saw the spider again, except for that fleeting glimpse that sparked the whole mess. Once I was clothed again, I went to retrieve all the items I’d discarded outside. The one thing I was most concerned with finding was the key to the lawn mower. Everything else was big enough that I knew I’d track it down. The phone was undamaged and my sunglasses unscathed. But that key… it wasn’t anywhere. Not in my jeans pockets, not on the pile of clothes, not in any visible spot among the gravel where I’d dropped my shoes, glasses and phone. Damn.

I thought for a moment that I might have brought it inside after all, but I’ve looked in all the places I can think of in the house and no luck.

So… do I call John Deere or a locksmith? I imagine a replacement can be acquired, but at what cost and how long will I have to wait? I’ll be honest though, I’m looking forward to the short reprieve from lawn mowing. Can’t do much without a key!


I have been married for seven years today. Yesterday, Hubby reminded me why he’s my hero, just in time to celebrate our anniversary.

Y’all, a little back story may be in order. Remember how on Thursday afternoon a big limb fell and pulled down our power line and we had to hire an electrician? Well, the electrician we found did a wonderful job on Friday of fixing it right up. For some serious cash, certainly, but he was a nice guy and really came through in our crisis. Anyway, I got home Friday evening, retrieved our frozen and refrigerated goods from our neighbor’s house, packed my things and drove to spend the weekend with Hubby in Birmingham because he had to work on Saturday, it was our anniversary weekend, (and I didn’t have any internet connection to entertain me at home). We spent most of Saturday afternoon in indecision about how to celebrate the anniversary and were basically decided that we’d just celebrate next weekend in Auburn when the phone call came. It was our next door neighbor informing me that there had been storms that afternoon and several more branches of our tree had come down. And it looked like the very same power line had come down, as well.

It was like someone had snatched my stomach out of my body. I felt both hot and freezing cold at the same time. I don’t even know what I said to the poor lady who called to tell us about it. I doubt I was particularly friendly to this bearer of bad news. Not that I wasn’t appreciative that she’d taken the time to call us when it didn’t look like we were in – that was very sweet. I am pretty sure I thanked her for the call. But I was just too stunned by the unbelievably awful timing of it all to be 100% polite.

Hubby also received a call from another concerned neighbor and after we called a third neighbor, we pieced together that it was either not as bad or significantly worse than what had happened on Thursday afternoon, and the massive branches in our yard were either bigger or more profuse than the original branch of destruction. Also, there were either holes in our roof or just some small branches.

Basically, we were going to have to come back to Auburn together to see for our selves. So, after ten minutes of sobbing uncontrollably, I pulled myself together, had dinner with Hubby’s family, called my Dad to apologize for not getting to see him on Father’s Day, and we went to bed.

Wow, okay that was a lot of back story…sorry, every now and then I can get quite carried away. To the point!

Sunday morning, Hubby and I got up semi-early, packed up the cars with a ladder, chainsaw, gas cans, hand saws, gloves and safety glasses and drove the two hours back to Auburn. When we arrived, it was clear that everyone we spoke with on Saturday had basically explained the situation correctly, despite the inconsistencies in their stories.

There were branches a plenty,  a couple of which were larger than the original branch of doom. And in terms of the power line, the situation was worse in that when the line came down, it was a live-wire, meaning they had to remove our meter box when they came out, which they hadn’t had to do on Thursday afternoon. But the situation was much better also, because the electrician had reinforced the new piping much better than it was originally done, and therefore none of that will have to be replaced the second go around. As far as the roof goes, there were little limbs all over it, and maybe a shingle or two poking up where it shouldn’t, but nothing extreme. But Hubby was there with me, and may I say, that made all the difference! I could handle the insanity of the situation because I wasn’t being required to figure it all out alone. In fact, I could defer to him as the authority on the subject of all things tree and power.

Not only that, my man is a beast with a chainsaw. He got to work with that thing and in no time, he’d chopped up the biggest limbs in the driveway into more manageable pieces. AND he hauled most of it to the street for pick up. I was in charge of smaller branches and obtaining cold liquids for him to drink. And taking phone calls, of which there were many, as our families were checking on us constantly. His parents even came down to join us, arriving around 3 with sustenance and another manly eye.

With his dad there to advise him, Tom ended up in the tree with the chainsaw. Keep in mind, when I say that this is a huge tree, I am not exaggerating as usual. I’m serious. Hubby was at least thirty feet up*. I was terrified, but I was also really proud. He chopped down three more huge limbs and looked like a rock star doing it. There’s just something about a man with power tools. Yummy.

After descending from the heights of the tree, he started chopping up the felled branches and the power tool gave out before he did. We decided it would take three days to chop up the rest with hand saws so there are still three HUGE branches in our yard and driveway, but Hubby will be back next weekend to work on that. In the meantime, as soon as I get power, I’m going to make pies for the three neighbors that helped us out this last week and hope they forgive the fact that our yard looks like a war zone.

In conclusion, my husband rocks. Happy Anniversary!

* A Picture of Hubby In HUGE DEAD TREE:

Hubby In the Tree!