Son of a bitch! Can a lady get a break? I don’t think so.

I returned to my house in Opelika this morning to find that the back door had been crow-barred open. WTF? What on earth do I have that is worth breaking and entering?

Apparently, only three things: a gun, a GameCube, and cash.

Except out in my garage is a whole bunch of stuff that might actually have been worth something – and it was unlocked. Ah, the idiocy of teenagers. Cause some pretty severe damage to a door to steal three things when you could have just lifted the garage door and found a plethora of theft-worthy junk. Well now I’m too freaked out to leave my garage doors (this garage is, of course, completely separate from our house) unlocked anymore, so you definitely missed out.

And as much as I love my cats, the burden they’re causing me right now is so great that my second thought upon entering the house was, “Well, darnit, they could have at least left the door open so the cats could run away!”

I am seriously heartless. An appeal for the sake of the poor kitties – PLEASE someone offer to take them from me before I leave the door open myself!!

Now, for some reason when I got home and saw that my back door easily swung open I wasn’t scared. I hadn’t been home in a week and I really didn’t think any burglar would still be in residence inside. My first thought, in case you were curious from my comment above, was: “Dammit, how can I tell what’s been stolen? This house was a wreck before anyone broke in!”

So it took me awhile to sort through what was just messy and what had been rifled through, which I probably could have just saved until the police arrived because I pretty much destroyed any evidence still in existence before I even dialed 911. But dial I did and two lovely policemen, who likely couldn’t wait to get outside and breathe cat-smell-free air, arrived about half an hour after I got home. I got the distinct impression that the OPD doesn’t get a lot of action (which, to be fair, they really should — there are some scary thugs in the vicinity of my house alone) because I think they actually thought they could solve the case and find the “perp.”

The more seasoned cop even once made the comment, “I wish there’d been some blood or something…” As if the OPD is going to spend the likely thousands of dollars it costs to do DNA analysis to recover the five hundred dollars of property stolen from my home. I doubt it. But I do appreciate their enthusiasm! They even called out a detective who came with his camera and took some pictures to document the state in which the Felon (yes, I said FELON! 2 counts of felony, actually, I found out) left my house. Disturbingly, the only major difference to be found from before and after the burglary was a couple of drawers open on our sofa table and the broken door frame. Oh, and they apparently thought we were Bubba enough to store money between our mattress and box-springs because they did have the mattress slid off to the side.

No, we were just Bubba enough to leave a fair amount of cash in a lockbox on the living room floor. Only, the lockbox wasn’t locked. Brilliance!

Seriously, though, I’m in a remarkably good mood for having just been robbed. Either I’ve just finally gone over the deep end or I’m getting my funny-mojo back!! Let’s hope it’s the second 🙂


I’ve had a remarkable number of security scares this year. One at my parents’ house and the other at my parents’-in-law’s house. Now my iffy-luck has struck again… and this time it wasn’t just a scare. My sister-in-law’s house was broken into on Tuesday night while they were at the beach. Thank God they weren’t at home at the time, but I will say that these crooks seem to have been incredibly narrow minded.

Now, criminals are not all known for their intelligence, but I guess if you manage to get away and never get caught, you’re ahead of the game. But this/these guy/guys/girl/girls was/were (wow…just…wow) very focused in their thievery. They skipped the multitudes of firearms and electronics available and went for the sentimental jewelry and prescription meds. Whoever did this makes me think they were in it for the drugs and anything they could pawn for drug money. I know my sister-in-law and her family are all very relieved that this is all the burglars took, but I find the whole situation very sad.

The younger of S-i-L’s two children has informed me multiple times since the incident ocurred that there’s a ‘hole in my house.’ S-i-L had some jewelry that was very meaningful to her stolen, and when she cries about the loss, it really isn’t about the financial aspect of it. It just hurts. Not to mention how violated they must all feel. Someone has been in their home who was not invited and been through many of their p0ssessions. At least the thief was narrowly focused on what he/she/they wanted, but I’m certain that (unless the burglar was a friend who knew their home well) they had to search for what they wanted, at least a little bit. Creepy.

And in some ways, I have a hard time ‘hating’ the thief. To me, they seem totally desperate, as if whatever drug they’re on was dictating how they behave. People make such bad choices when they are addicted to drugs. And I can’t say for certain that this wasn’t an unplanned attack (I mean, S-i-L and family haven’t spent a night away from home since April that I’m aware of), but it has that feel. Now, if any of this had happened to my home, I’m certain I wouldn’t feel even remotely sorry for the thief. But looking at it from the outside, I do have pity on anyone in a situation where they feel they must steal from others to get by.

I wonder what would get me to that point? How much lower would I have to fall before I’d be willing to steal? Just asking myself those questions helps me to see how incredibly fortunate I am. I may not have much money in the bank. I may be in desperate need of a job. My hubby may be having issues with his schooling and may not be able to work. But I’ve got a roof over my head, I’ve never once gone hungry, and I have an incredible network of family that is helping keep us supported and afloat. And thank God I’m not syphoning all of the money I have into any form of addiction. And on the other side of that coin, I’ve never been robbed (knock on wood — such superstition not two sentences from thanking God… shameful) and I don’t have children to worry about taking care of just yet.

But for S-i-L and family, this wasn’t just a security scare, this was a violation, and I hope the police find whoever did this and gets them help (and gets her jewelry back!!)!