Today is my day off and I have done quite a lot of little errands and chores. One of the more dreaded tasks for the day was mowing my grass. Yuck and awful and all that. But it had to be done, so I did it.

All was going really well until I finished up and had stored the mower and was walking back to my house. I was wearing ear buds attached to my phone that was in its normal storage place. Which may or may NOT be a pocket. Anyway, I looked down for some reason and I’m like 85% sure I saw a GIANT spider crawling up my chest. Well of course I flipped the eff out and brushed it away. But I was wearing a deep-ish cut shirt and I couldn’t tell for sure of I brushed it off of me or down my shirt. Which of course was an unpleasant feeling. In the process of brushing myself off in my gravel driveway, my phone fell out of my “pocket” and landed in the driveway, pulling out the ear buds. I tossed my sunglasses next to it, stepped out of my flip flops and started looking down my shirt.

Clearly I looked quite absurd dancing around my driveway fluffing my hair and staring down my shirt. So I ran over to my back patio and stripped down. Never did see another hint of the spider, but as I’d pulled my shirt over my head, I got worried it was in my hair, so I ran inside and immediately into a cold shower.

Needless to say, I never saw the spider again, except for that fleeting glimpse that sparked the whole mess. Once I was clothed again, I went to retrieve all the items I’d discarded outside. The one thing I was most concerned with finding was the key to the lawn mower. Everything else was big enough that I knew I’d track it down. The phone was undamaged and my sunglasses unscathed. But that key… it wasn’t anywhere. Not in my jeans pockets, not on the pile of clothes, not in any visible spot among the gravel where I’d dropped my shoes, glasses and phone. Damn.

I thought for a moment that I might have brought it inside after all, but I’ve looked in all the places I can think of in the house and no luck.

So… do I call John Deere or a locksmith? I imagine a replacement can be acquired, but at what cost and how long will I have to wait? I’ll be honest though, I’m looking forward to the short reprieve from lawn mowing. Can’t do much without a key!