I’m completely used to retail now, it’s been so long, but I can still remember what it was like to work a desk job. God, I loved weekends. They were magical beacons of hope, a time for rejuvenation, something to look forward to during a stressful week.


  • Pro: Fridays are awesome.  Con: Mondays suck.
  • Pro: You’ve worked too hard all week to clean.  Con: Your house is dirty and getting dirtier.
  • Pro: Your friends are off work too.  Con: You can’t invite them into your dirty house.
  • Pro: You only have to work five days in a row.  Con: You have to work five days in a row.
  • Pro: You have time to cook a delicious meal.  Con: Who wants to grocery shop with half the city at the store at the same time?
  • Pro: You have no choice but to relax, no one else is doing business.  Con: You can’t get any business done on the weekend if you need to.

But I’ve grown fond of the retail system over the past year and a half. Taking days off in the middle of the week can be pretty satisfying too.

Days Off

  • Pro: You can get things done while other people are doing the jobs you need them to do. Con: You have no excuse to not get things done.
  • Pro: You get to rest as much as if you had a weekend off.  Con: Weekends in retail are god-awful.
  • Pro: Dreading Monday is a thing of the past.  Con: Two days off in a row is a rarity.
  • Pro: You sometimes only work two days in a row before you get another day off.  Con: You sometimes have to work six days in a row before you get another day off.
  • Pro: Your friends that work normal jobs can hang out with you at night.  Con: Your options for social engagements are limited to what can be accomplished on a week night.
  • Pro: Your house is typically cleaner.  Con: You are probably doing the cleaning on your days off.
  • Pro: You value time with your significant other more when your days off don’t overlap.  Con: Your days off with your significant other don’t frequently overlap.

All in all, I’d say the two are pretty equally matched. I guess that’s why I’m fortunate I get a weekend off every month. If it weren’t for my fella working a ‘normal’ job with regular weekends off, I wouldn’t change a thing. Except vacation time. I’d get much, much more of that. 🙂