Why yes, I have lost some weight! And totally without trying! In the past two weeks, I’ve dropped five pounds entirely without intention. Here are some possible explanations for this miracle:

  • Giving blood totally threw off my regular eating schedule for a few days – I felt ravenously hungry at every point of every day and therefore only ate a very little bit because I wasn’t sure if it was real hunger or not.
  • I only purchased the most basic of food items the past few times I’ve been shopping and haven’t been particularly interested in eating them afterward.
  • Yoga! 2.5 times in the past two weeks! I’m sure it’s done something!
  • The stresses involved with meeting new people and impressing folks surely caused a dip in my appetite.
  • In approximately three seconds of googling I found some conflicting research that proves that laughing may or may not burn a ton of calories. If it does, then I’m burning about a gajillion calories a day.
  • I don’t walk a ton during the day but surely more than I walked during my unemployment.
  • I’m less content these days since Hubby isΒ in Birmingham, another decrease in appetite.
  • The refrigerator at work is a hike and a half away, and contains mostly other people’s food. Two birds, one stone.
  • I’m not yet cool enough to get invited out to lunch every day (for real, fellas, I’m totally kidding. You are helping my figure and I don’t feel excluded in any way!) so I can bring my lunch and eat healthier things.
  • I’ve done yardwork things lately. Out of necessity.
  • I’m hungry. And I just ate dinner. Because I don’t feel like fixing anything else, the most I may eat before bed is something liquid. Tea, milk…etc.

So I’m pleased with this miraculous turn of events, obviously. I would like to continue the trend and so will probably try to give blood again next week.

Just kidding πŸ™‚