So I may have given the impression that I am super classy (ie, here, here, or here), but the truth is, I’m a very simple person. I do not own Louis Vuitton luggage. I do not have a makeup bag the size of my head. When I pack for a trip, I do not (always) go overboard and end up using an entire set of luggage for a three-day weekend.

No, my preferred luggage these days is either two plastic Wal-Mart bags or one laundry basket. The Wal-Mart bags are great for a short trip: one bag for pajamas, a pair of jeans or two, a couple of shirts and other soft clothing items. The second bag is primarily for my Bible, whatever book I’m reading at the moment, shoes for the trip, my tiny toiletries bag and my hairdryer. It’s the luggage I used for this holiday weekend. Effective, easy to carry, disposable. Also, I’m doing my part! I’m recycling! Look at me!

When I’m traveling for longer time periods or packing for both Hubby and self, I’ll break out the laundry basket. While a little heavier than the grocery bags and slightly more awkward, it has handles, and I’m sure it’s thrilled to fulfill its purpose in transporting clothing from one location to another. Also, Hubby usually does the carrying, so it’s not really important to me how convenient it is to carry (see how classy and thoughtful I am?).

You may say, ‘LizHarrell, I thought you used to travel for a living! Surely you didn’t carry a laundry basket with you into a hotel?’

To which I would respond, ‘Alright, yeah, I own a suitcase. In my days of professional traveling, I mostly used it. Wheels are sorta convenient when you’re checking into a hotel or navigating an airport.’

But I protest the very idea that a suitcase is necessary for travel! Who wouldn’t check a couple of Wal-Mart bags at the airport? Who wouldn’t throw some packing wrap around their laundry basket and slide it through the x-ray machine? I’d be totally impressed by that person’s non-conformist attitude. I mean, there’s always that whole not-having-any-clothes-and-toiletries-when-you-arrive-at-your-destination thing or the flight-attendant-giving-you-dirty-looks-as-you-try-to-stuff-your-laundry-basket-into-the-overhead-bin deal. But who needs expensive luggage?! Just make sure to tie the handles of your Wal-Mart bag and I’m sure it’ll work out better next time. Right?

But in all seriousness, my suitcase is on the top shelf of my closet, currently holds all the rest of the luggage I own (one red duffel bag I received on my 8th birthday, three purses I no longer use, my garment bag and one shoulder traveling bag I should probably just be using instead of the Wal-Mart bags but only just remembered I own at this very moment) and is very annoying to access, empty and repack. It isn’t worth the effort to me at the moment. Plus, after a year of traveling, I’m a bit sick of the sight of it.

So for now, I’m going with simple. And as always, super duper classy.