I am a really shy person. I don’t think I’m particularly introverted once I get to know someone, but it’s sometimes difficult for me to get beyond that barely-acknowledging-the-existence-of-other-people phase. I like people. I hate small-talk. People I don’t know tend to mostly keep to the simple topics of conversation. My natural inclination is to end such conversations as quickly and gracefully as possible. I’m fully aware that this is the sort of behavior that keeps my relationships with acquaintances at that very surfacey level. It’s a catch 22.

But the moment a natural disaster strikes, genuinely nice people come out of the woodwork to help out. There’s nothing like having your biggest frustrations visible for the whole neighborhood to see for forcing yourself to open up. Of course, Hubby had already made friends with these folks, which definitely eased my own relations with them significantly. Hubs is awesome at making friends. He’s a small talk wiz, but more than that, if you talk with him for more than a minute or two, somehow, you start to feel comfortable with him and conversation deepens. I just don’t have that same skill.

Anyway, I have previously made some snap judgements about my neighbors. Okay, I really do still believe the folks next door grow different sorts of weeds than I grow so effectively in my yard. But they are  nice folks, they know my name, and they thanked me for the pie I made them. They came and visited with Hubby when he was chopping up the limbs this morning.

Also, I may have recently posted that my across the street neighbors held my food hostage and drank my milk. Then the lovely  mother of the family came over with a BRAND NEW gallon of skim milk and had the decency to tell me that my cats are beautiful. My babies! Are beautiful! She, too, thanked me for the pies.

The third neighbor, who brought us cold drinks last weekend, came over to thank me for the pie and tell me how much her husband enjoyed it  – and asked for the recipe!

So, I guess the moral of this story is, it’s sort of nice to like your neighbors, and have them like you back. I suppose it’s a little sad that it took me three years in this house to figure that out…!