For the first time ever, I live alone. Nobody freak out, Hubby and I are on excellent terms. He just happens to be working in Birmingham this summer, while I am working in Auburn. It’s not the optimal situation in terms of the level of togetherness we prefer, but I can’t say I’m not excessively pleased by the level of funds in our bank account. For the time being, it’s worth the distance.

Also, if you live in my ‘hood and are thrilled (for nefarious reasons) by the prospect of a lady living alone, think again. I have a weapon, I’m trained to use it, and you won’t get what you came for ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, back to my observations of the single life.

  • It’s boring.
  • Cats really aren’t much company.
  • Cleaning for one is SO much easier.
  • Cooking for one is SO much harder.
  • Chores look more appealing when you really don’t have anything better to do or anyone to hang out with.
  • Making friends becomes a necessity for maintained sanity.
  • There isn’t anyone there to save you when you get into a potentially awkward social situation.
  • You can easily watch five episodes of Law & Order on Netflix in one evening if you get carried away.
  • Yard work sucks (even when your significant other comes around to mow the grass occasionally).
  • Trash cans get HEAVY when you’re only willing/needing to take it down to the street every other week.
  • You have to find ways to feel safe (see aforementioned weapon) in a house that has previously been broken into. Or any house, really, but the break-in situation really doesn’t ease comfort levels.
  • This may be more of a “having a real job” realization than a “single lady” realization, but a set schedule seems to be of vast importance.
  • Getting ready in the morning is a breeze with no one else hogging the (ridiculously small) mirror.
  • You only have to make/unmake half of the bed every day.
  • There’s no need to feel lame about going to sleep at 9:45 every night.
  • You feel oddly compelled to act like a grownup and take care of your own problems. You have to get up to get your own glass of water. You have to check the mail yourself. You have to order your own pizzas (terrifying – thank God for the internet).
  • There is a true sense of having one’s own schedule. No need to keep someone else’s plans in mind.
  • You have no one else to blame when the cats don’t have food in their bowl.

Living alone isn’t as bad or lonely or upsetting as I assumed it would be, though I guess it helps that I get to see my Hubby most weekends, I finally have a job with some super fun people, and I do know one or two folks to hang out with when I’m dying for a friend fix. If I’d had to do this right out of high school, I’d have been lost. I would have missed out on some amazing friendships because Dear, Funky and Fabulous Friends and I never had any classes together and weren’t in the same sorority. We’d have missed each other completely. What a horrifying thought! And I don’t now who would have told me when I was wearing a wildly inappropriate or weird outfit (ie, various shades of red, socks with flip flops, or a princess tiara).ย I probably would have had better grades, though.

Also, I would never have eaten any pizza. Darned phone pizza ordering.