Seriously, has there ever been a word more useful than the word RATHER? I love it. It modifies adjectives (a rather short piece), adverbs (I wrote rather hastily), nouns (rather a bad habit to get into), verbs (I’m rather worried), it can indicate a comparison (rather than thoughtfully) and preference (as I’d rather work). Such range for one word!

I didn’t notice my addiction to this word until Mom pointed it out after reading my revised first chapter, at which time I did a word find on my entire novel. I probably used it once every ten pages or so, on average, which seems okay now that I realize the startling number of uses to which it can be put, but when I first saw the trend, I almost had a panic attack. It’s not good to repeat one word (especially one as noticeable as ‘rather’) without a really good reason. I used it about seven times in the first eighteen pages, so obviously I had to do some rearranging there. But it rather informs the voice of my character, so I left it in a lot of places. If I were doing a word search on the blog, I don’t think I’d find ‘rather’ all that often (it wasn’t in the top ten on my word cloud post) because I don’t think it’s part of my typical voice. It features heavily in Darcie’s voice though, so I’m not all that worried by its presence.

But I was rather concerned for a moment there…