I admit this publicly with great hesitation as I do not like the pressure of accountability; nevertheless: I have joined Weight Watchers. I’m not unfamiliar with the system as a former member, but I find that my mental point calculations in the past year or two have grown dramatically out of control. Some of the meals I prided myself upon as being “healthy” were virtual death traps in terms of points values. I have added a few recipes to the counter to see what the points look like per serving and find myself wanting to take to Facebook and my phone book and email address book to share my discoveries.

For instance, I am having company Friday evening and wanted to make a cake. I noticed that there was a distinct lack of tasty looking desserts in the (ancient) Weight Watchers cookbook that I have here at home, so naturally I turned to Southern Living. Good old Southern Living cookbook, a perfect place to find any number of divine looking cakes and treats. I found a recipe that suited my needs and tastes and thought, well, I guess I might as well see how many points I need to save up for this treat, so I plugged in the recipe to find that, if I cut the cake into 12 portions as recommended, I would be consuming 21 points in one slice. This probably means nothing to most of you, but to put it into perspective, that’s 81% of my daily alloted points. Granted, Weight Watchers keeps these occasions in mind and offers a weekly allowance of extra points to use as I please, but when I can eat half of a medium Papa John’s veggie pizza for 20 points, you can begin to see why a slice of cake might not be the best use of said bonus points.

In fact, say I got wild (ie, REALLY depressed and/or bored) and decided I wanted to eat the entire cake, by myself. As the entire thing has 252 points in it, I would technically not be allowed to eat again for the following eight days. That is insanity. One cake has the same value of points as eight days worth of food! I literally cannot wrap my brain around this.

I’m still making the cake (having now scoured the WW website for acceptable alternatives and finding none that look remotely appealing) and I plan to eat a piece, brought into somewhat reasonable points range by adjusting the serving size (up from 12 servings per cake to 20), but I have to say I’m glad I actually prefer pizza to cake. Note to self: send half of cake home with guest and feed the rest to perpetually-losing-weight Hubby, and order a pizza on Saturday!