For too long I have let my best and most easily manipulated tools languish unused (at least, unused for good) in my mind. I’ve scoffed (and honestly, still scoff) at books like The Secret  – which tout the power of thinking – as total hocus pocus meant to delude the masses into believing in some magical ability to ‘think’ a desire into being. Absurd. Obviously an evil plot by the author to sell books to gullible people with more money than sense.

As I said, I still scoff, having gotten the impression from the publishing world that The Secret was a farce (and I didn’t have the money to buy a copy just to scoff with more ammunition). But somewhere in the preparation for this book, I’m sure the author read As You Think (originally titled As a Man Thinketh upon its first publication in 1904). And this book, as it is VERY small and was loaned to me by my ever well-meaning father, I have read. In about an hour and a half.

If the book had been mine, I’d have turned down at least five of the 88 pages (about 18% of the book!) for having been struck by the power of James Allen’s words. Even if Mr. Allen is completely BSing, I can still see no harm in turning my thoughts in a more positive direction and being careful to guard them against negativity, much less focusing said positive thoughts on a purpose or goal. If it works, FABULOUS! I’ll be a happier person who has reached the goals I’ve set for myself. If not? Fine. I’ll still probably be more content with my lot and I’ll be spending more time working on something I’m passionate about. Not seeing a down side.

Firstly, in the cleanup of my brain, I’m aware that I complain far too much. While last year was a miserable one, I spent a  good  portion of it bemoaning my disastrous fortunes. Tell me, what’s the point in that? What a waste of  my time and thoughts, that both could  have been put to much better use.

I’m happy to say that I’ve read this  book at a time when I’m already in fairly good spirits. I’m sure I’ll find the “Great Brain Cleanup” to be exceptionally difficult at times, but  like I said, there really is no good reason not to strive for better.

To all my friends, please don’t go out and buy a copy of The Secret. It was far from my intent to suggest that thinking is magical, but DO buy and read As You Think at your  earliest convenience. It’s possibly a result of years of negative thinking, buy I’m sorely tempted to “forget” to return the copy sitting on my night table to Dad. Oops!