Picture this:

December 24th, 9 am.

You and your spouse are enjoying a relaxing morning together when you remind him that the two of you  need to go out and purchase gifts for your nieces (6 and 3, adorable little girls, really). ‘What are we giving them?’ he asks. A reasonable question.

‘Well,’ you say, ‘I’ve got a ton of books in the back of my car that are appropriate for little ones, why don’t we just give them some of those?’ You run a brush through your wildly wavy hair and wish you’d taken the time to blow it dry after your shower. Oh well.

Hubby seems amenable to this plan. Of course he is, this requires 1) no shopping and 2) no money. Then he asks the fateful question. ‘Have you wrapped everything else?’

Everything else?  ‘What else would I be wrapping?’

‘You know, presents? For everyone?’

Hmmmm. Yes, that does sound familiar… Gifts on Christmas rings a certain bell… Only you were thinking that maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to just give the girls a gift each and not spend any of the piles of money you don’t currently have on gifts for anyone else. Oops. ‘No, honey, I thought we were just getting gifts for the girls? Didn’t we talk about this?’

Only of course, we hadn’t. Many of the conversations I imagine I’ve had with Hubby take place only in my head. Christmas gifting was one of those subjects I do quite wish I’d discussed with him for real though, because he clearly had an entirely different picture of things than I did. Praise the Lord, I have a job that leaves me with multitudes of samples that become perfectly useless to my work after a period of time and I had a bunch of that stuff in my trunk at the time. Family, I do hope you enjoy your gifts and aren’t offended that we shopped for them out of my trunk. I promise if I had money, I’d lavish you with the most expensive gifts money could buy. Let me rephrase that: WHEN I have money, I WILL lavish you with expensive gifts. And I’ll shop for them in real stores. I promise.

The next problem came when Hubby asked what we were getting one another for Christmas. And the entire process started over… Christmas can be so complicated! It’s no small wonder I’ve taken a month off of posting! Who has time to write when they are last-minute shopping from their own vehicles?