I have always been a fan of wordle.net and recently discovered its ability to take a blog and create this amazing word cloud out of all of the words used on the site. And it emphasizes words that are used most frequently by increasing the font size of those words. This is one of the neatest things ever, so of course I had to create one for my blog:

Words from the Blog - via wordle.net

Words from the Blog - via wordle.net

I find it interesting that one of my favorite words to use is “time.” I know I wrote an entire post all about my perception of time, but that was just one post! Is “it’s about time for something good to happen to me,” a phrase I often use here? What about, “time for a change”? Or perhaps, “I enjoy being on time.” I’m sure I’ve said once or twice, “it’s going to take me some time to…”

Closely following time in prominence is “minutes” which is apparently a running theme. Also note that there are several food/eating phrases featured in the wordle. And really? Do I really use “really” that much? Bad LizHarrell! Such a pathetic adverb. (I’m not going to lie, it’s late at night and I had to check to make sure really wasn’t an adjective… So sorry, 8th grade English teacher! So sorry, those who joined me in graduating with a BA in English…)

Part of me is really tempted to write a blog post using all (and only) these words. Wordle automatically removes words like “I” and “the” and “a” so this would be quite an interesting challenge! In fact, I’m not sure it’s possible to write an entire post without using those words. Now I’m interested! Look for this in the future. I won’t say the near future, because this could take quite a lot of time to work out.

I’m sure I could go into further analysis of my word choices on the blog, but really I’d probably just say “time” one more time, then I’d have to go eat some food to calm down. Right?


Please note: in this post I used the following words:

  • time: 10x (not including this usage)
  • really: 6x
  • just: 2x
  • like: 1x
  • food: 2x
  • think: none! (probably because my brain wasn’t doing much of that when I wrote this post!)
  • going: 2x
  • point: surprisingly none (surprising because I feel that a running theme on the blog is: “What’s the point?”)