You know, I’ve slept on a lot of air mattresses over the years. On mission trips. On camping trips. At sleep overs. And now, on the floor of my parents-in-law’s bonus room.

There’s an assumed hierarchy involved with staying at the parents-in-law’s with other guests. Non-family members get the first guest room. Older family members get the next guest room. Young children set up a tent in the living room. Somewhere-in-the-middle family members with bad backs get the sofa. And Hubby and me? We get the air mattress in the busiest room in the house, aside from the kitchen.

But seriously, I’ve never minded sleeping on an air mattress before. Never had a problem. Last night? BIG problems.

  • I fell asleep fairly easily around 11:30 because I was pretty exhausted. Hubby joined me half an hour later and I about went flying into the air when he plopped down. Air mattresses: Not meant to be shared.
  • There was clearly not enough air in this air mattress. There were many parts of my body that spent the night in direct (almost) contact with the floor.
  • The sheets on the air mattress were made for a king sized bed. The air mattress is queen sized. Needless to say, the fitted sheet didn’t exactly fit. I woke up a time or two wrapped in fitted sheet, sheet, and blanket.
  • Entirely unrelated to the air mattress was the fact that the garage doors went up and down at least seven times prior to seven this morning. And this air mattress was located in the bonus room that is located…where? That’s right! Directly over the garage. Not cool.

Hubby and I mutually agreed very early on last night that he should vacate the mattress and take up residence on the nearest available sofa. Tonight, I think there’s going to be a change in sleeping arrangements. That sofa is looking mighty good to me right now. Good luck, Hubs!