Usually one of my skills is finding the humor in a situation that is either very serious or potentially super embarrassing. I think that was where I was going when I started up the blog – find the funny in everyday life and expound upon it. Relax folks by taking things less seriously and making fun of myself in as disarming a manner as possible.

I just haven’t found so much to laugh about in the past few months, thus the tenor of the blog has morphed into something a little darker. I’ve written posts about my frustrations. I’ve written posts about money problems. I’ve written posts in a (vain) attempt to find homes for my soon-to-be homeless kitties. I’ve been more philosophical. And every now and then, I’ve been able to find that humor that’s escaped me recently. I’ve found plenty of occasions to laugh when I should be crying – for example when I put on those Wicked Heels a second time at Dear Friend’s house and fell down the stairs and totally busted my knee – that was just hysterical to me because I truly believe those shoes are out to get me at this point. Never again will I attempt to wear them out. It ain’t happenin’. But anyway, I know I’ve laughed, and laughed a lot over the past few months.

But I’ve not really felt inspired to post about about those funny moments. I feel like the moment is quite amusing, but you almost had to be there to enjoy the humor. And I’ve never felt that way before. I’m not a very good verbal story-teller, but give me a keyboard or some pen and paper, and I could bring the situation to life. I’ve never lacked confidence in my ability to make people laugh when they’re reading my writing.

I wonder if my recent inability to do this is related to a lack of confidence or a lack of funny stories to share? Or do I just not feel the need to share? I think it’s possible I’ve suddenly become a far less amusing person, but not probable. If I know how to do anything it’s make fun of myself. Yet I find myself incapable of doing just that these days.

What am I saying? Mostly that I appreciate those of you who still visit the blog and read my complaints and frustrations and forgive me for my slump. I’m sure I’ll experience something utterly hilarious in my upcoming visit to Atlanta, because, let’s face it, I’m gonna get lost, at best, and at worst, I’m gonna get shot up. Okay, maybe not shot up, but perhaps end up going the wrong way down a busy one-way street or given some sort of driving or parking ticket for violating the unwritten and unclear laws that govern vehicular motion in that strange, strange city.