As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a little obsessed with Pandora radio. It’s truly awesome. I would be mortified if anyone knew the sorts of songs I input as my favorites for my station to be built by, but I suppose that’s what’s so awesome about Pandora. No one has to know.

I guess the least embarrassing away to describe my music is that it is very upbeat. Keep in mind that I’ve had a lot of Mountain Dew today so I may just be pumped from the caffeine and sugar racing through my system, but I have been really getting into some of the more upbeat songs playing on my station. Bouncing, dancing while seated, doing some wicked neck isolations, and basically getting down. I’m pumped.

And when I get really pumped, the first thing I want to do is write. Mostly I think about working on my novel for awhile, then I remember that it’s been ages since I posted so I’m here, doing this. But then I got to thinking about how interesting it is that when I’m pumped, I get excited about writing. I know Hubby has songs that make him just want to go running or lift weights or something equally athletic. Music doesn’t really inspire me to activity (unless you count my head rolls and bouncing while seated…) like it does for him. Hubby is a very athletic fella for the most part so it makes sense that when he’s pumped, he wants to pump some iron (…okay…sorry…bad pun :)). I wonder if everyone has an activity they get really excited about when they hear really stellar and inspiring music?

What about you? What do you look forward to doing when you get pumped?