The ol’ laptop had a meltdown this week, and so did I. The two were closely related.

Bright and early Monday morning (read: around 10AM) I discovered the backlight on my laptop monitor was not functioning. Meaning, I could not see what was going on on my computer screen. Meaning, I could get no work done. Fortunately email is universal and I could check that on my parents-in-law’s computer, but many of my absolutely essential daily files were unreachable on my pitiful computer. And my p-i-l’s (hahahahha, sorry that could become a very widely used pun — parents-in-law = pills? hehe! not that I think of mine that way at all, but I’ve definitely heard the horror stories) computer barely has internet. I’m not trying to be snippy or anything, they just don’t use those programs which are essential to my work: excel and word. So they don’t have them. And that limited my ability to get things done.

Enter the meltdown: I have no money with which to get my computer fixed. And I have fleas in my house that also cost money to be rid of. Must I choose between being able to do my job efficiently (or at all) and having a flea-free home? It’s an impossible decision. So I chose both. And (fingers crossed) I will just make some fantabulous sales this week. No problem!!

A woman can only be strong for so long. Sometimes she just has to have a little meltdown. This was my week of wallowing in frustration and near-fury. And depression and delicious food.

No need to feel sorry for me: my computer is well again, and the fleas are doomed to their destiny of chemical induceddeath tomorrow at 1pm. It’s under control, and I am mostly under control. I woke up at 6:15 this morning (heaven knows why, but I’ll take it), have my second load of laundry washing, put sheets on the bed, sent in orders I got earlier this week, washed myself and my ridiculously long hair (which, by the by, will be significantly shorter around 2:15 today), and I’m all dressed and ready for my 10:30 appointment, which doesn’t start for another hour. I’m on top of things, for once, so I’m going to keep up the momentum by posting here and then doing my  makeup before I scoot out the door.

Ta ta for now!