I’m dealing with something a little unexpected today. It occurred to me this morning that my usefulness as a big sister has just been outlived. My little, formerly hopelessly lost (like her big sis), sister has just moved to Baton Rouge and is beginning graduate school at the end of next month. She no longer fits into the hopelessly lost category and I’m not sure I have any experience being as together as she now seems to be. How can I offer any advice? How can anything I suggest be meaningful?

Sista has graduated from college and has a job and a home and a car (albeit a bit of a clunker), and most importantly, a plan. It’s got to be a lovely feeling, being able to plan out the next five years of your life and be reasonably convinced that what you’ve planned will come to fruition. I’ve only had the illusion of five year planning up to this point in my adult life – with definite plans to change that situation – so how am I supposed to be the big sister when I’m fairly certain she’s got things more under control than I have?

Well, at least I’ve still got the trump card: I can still help and guide and make snarky comments regarding her love life. I’m nowhere near perfect in this regard either, but it does make me feel a little better about being a big sister still. I guess one day I’ll have to give up the title completely because I’m sure she’ll be wildly successful in all her endeavors… and I’m likely to stumble along for ever, with any successes falling into my lap completely by mistake.

But for now, I guess I can say I haven’t totally outlived my usefulness as a big sister…only partially. Here’s to you and your endless success, Sista!!