Talking is overrated. Big Time. I really prefer the written word in almost every circumstance. However, I’m pretty sure I’m mostly alone in this sentiment.

Most everyone I know likes to talk. I like to listen to an extent, but I prefer to keep conversations short and to the point, especially when the topic is somewhat confrontational in nature. I find it incredibly difficult to talk about my feelings, to apologize when I’ve been wrong, to talk about plans for the future, to discuss politics or religion… it almost all reduces me to frustration and near-tears, if not full blown crying. Why is it so hard for me? Why does everyone else love to talk so much?

I love to write. I am satisfied if I can express myself in writing, even if I never share those expressions with anyone else. I don’t mind this one sided sort of conversation. I can listen to people talk all day long as long as I don’t have to respond. And if I’ve got something I want to communicate, I’d much prefer writing it all down. I think that’s why blogging works for me. I can “talk” about the things that concern me without having anyone feel obligated to respond. I can express my fears and frustrations without having to deal with how they affect others. Of course I’m still very conscious about what I say when I’m writing. I say things with much more care when they come through the filter of my typing fingers. If the only filter is my lips, I tend to say things all wrong. I hate talking.

I think it would benefit many of my relationships if there was a ban on talking to me about anything of any importance after the hours of 8pm or before 10 in the morning. And even then, don’t expect me to respond. Give me a chance to write it down. Believe that I have something meaningful to say, and pretend that I’ve said it, if that really helps. But please, please don’t make me talk!