I’ve been a busy girl the past few weeks, which is always good. Lots of appointments last week, more than half of which did not result in any on-the-spot sales, but I think interest was high and they’ll get back to me with orders in the next couple of weeks.

So far today, I’ve been following up on several such meetings that took place over the past few months. I’m not in love with this concept. Following up usually involves getting on the phone. As my blog followers will know, I hate the phone.

However, I’ve been listening to this audio book called Goals by Brian Tracy and it’s got me thinking about how self defeating it is to worry about phone calls. Apparently, worrying is a form of negative visualization that gets your super-consciousness (or some other such nonsensical word) preparing to fail. It’s like a self-fulfilling prophesy. I think I’ve said something to this effect before, but basically as long as you think you’re going to fail, you probably will. If you think you will succeed, you have a better chance of doing so. So I’m working on changing my mindset. We’ll see how it goes – I’ll keep you updated on that!

This past weekend Hubby and I spent with our families, with is always very nice. As I’m not always home to cook meals, it’s actually really quite nice to have a “home cooked meal.” We’ve had several so far this weekend! Shout out to our Moms! Love you, ladies!

And last night I had dessert with Dear, Funky and Fabulous Friends – Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Fun! I am feeling fairly sickly today and was last night as well, so I was probably not nearly as hysterically funny as usual. However, there were a few moments of funny:

  • A bug flew down the back of my shirt (as we were outside) and I basically flipped out.
  • Dear Friend is contemplating naming some future/as yet unconceived daughter Lucy. Completelyunintentionally, I used the phrase “I Love Lucy.” And then I laughed, in a rather goofy manner, which was probably funnier than the original Freudian slip.
  • I think that’s it, but 2 bullet points just look lonesome. 🙂

And now, I’m going to go kick some follow-up’s butts. Au revoir!