This has been a week of perpetual annoyance for me. My cell phone (and at least 1/4 of my life) went MIA on Sunday and didn’t turn up again until Wednesday morning. Wednesday afternoon, my internet (and the other 3/4 of my life) went out. It’s not scheduled to be back in action until Monday morning. This lapse in internet service springs from a miscommunication between my husband (who pays the bills) and AT&T… It seems Hubby thought AT&T was taking payments directly from our checking account. AT&T thought we were negligent flunkies with no intention of ever paying them for the services they provided. AT&T obviously has the power in this situation, so they shut off our internet connection, disabled our DSL and canceled our phone line (which technically wasn’t a real phone line, it was just used for the DSL connection). Actually, we called and paid the difference as soon as we discovered our error before any of the disabling and disconnecting ever happened. But AT&T decided it would be cool to shut everything off anyway, and then take four days to reconnect it. And Dad, no, they’ve not reported this to the credit bureau or whatever. We asked.

And now I’m sitting in a coffee shop writing this post for my adoring readers so they won’t think I’ve fallen off the face of the planet. I’ve got a few errands to run this afternoon but may pop back into the coffee shop this evening to schedule a few more posts to keep you guys happy.

And I’ll leave you with one final annoyance: there is a fly in this coffee shop that is making me want to become a homicidal maniac. Toodles!

(PS – this blog spellchecker doesn’t recognize the word blog, nor the word internet. Seriously.)