Pandora Radio. OMG. I have needed this for the past ten years!! My computer has now taken over every function of daily life that used to require several different pieces of equipment. I can now watch all the TV I want on my computer, listen to just the music I like on my computer, play “video” games on my computer, watch movies from Netflix on my computer, talk to my friends from my computer, conduct business via my computer… the list just continues to grow. How I ever managed to survive without my little laptop I’ll never understand. It’s definitely streamlined life significantly.

Now, if only I could do the following via the computer, my life would be perfect:

  • Grocery shop
  • Clean my house
  • Do laundry
  • Love on my kitties
  • Feed my husband
  • Walk on the treadmill
  • Paint my toenails
  • Transport me to my accounts
  • Organize, promote and run a garage sale
  • Cook dinner

The rest of life I don’t guess I mind doing on my own, though I guess I’d better not get my hopes up for most of that list ever being facilitated or done entirely electronically, no matter how nice it would be. I doubt toenail painting is high on a computer programmer’s list of to-do’s. Sigh.