I went camping this weekend with Dear and Funky Friends and overall, had quite a good time. I even put together the tent all by myself before anyone else arrived!

The Tent I Assembled Alone!

The Tent I Assembled Alone!

Of course then it started to rain, which was an exceptional bummer. Especially since my phone chose that precise moment to die and I hadn’t given very explicit directions to DF and FF on how to get to the park. Not to mention that my car was also blocked in by the trucks and SUVs of other campers, so I couldn’t drive anywhere to find a phone with which I could call them… so, in the middle of a rather bad thunderstorm, I walked up to the front of the campgrounds. Keep in mind: I don’t have a raincoat or an umbrella with me, either (where was my brain when I was packing??). By the time I make it out of the gate (which is on a timer to close at 7:30pm – meaning it’s also getting dark out), I’m completely soaked. I mean completely. And my friends take about 15 minutes longer than I would have predicted to arrive, so I post myself by the big sign announcing the entrance to Chewacla State Park and wait.

It’s at this point that a very nice young lady stops to ask if I’d like to have her umbrella or if I need a ride. Well, no, I definitely didn’t need a ride and I was a little frightened to use an umbrella with all of the lightening going on, so I turned her down as politely as I could, though I’m sure she thought I was ridiculously foolish. She drove away. Five minutes later, she was back, insisting that I get into her car.

“I was sure that I’d read in tomorrow’s paper about a woman dying outside of Chewacla and I’d never forgive myself,” she told me as I dripped onto her leather seats. She introduced me to her three year old son, then assured me that she wasn’t a serial killer. I’m surprised she didn’t ask me if I was.

I borrowed her phone and called Funky, letting her know my situation and telling her better how to get to the park. It wasn’t l0ng before they pulled up and rescued me from my rather uncomfortable situation, thankfully bearing Wendy’s for dinner. There was definitely not going to be any fire that night, as the rain continued well into the early hours of the morning.

I’m not sure how we managed to unload our cars into the tent, but we did it! I’m quite proud of us for sticking it out in the rain and the storm (despite fervent text messages telling us of hail and tornadoes) and the tent I’d put together held out incredibly well. We stayed dry (except for me, I never managed to dry out at all this weekend…) and had an awesome time. There are many a tale I could relay here, but I’ll get around to more when I have pictures to help illustrate the stories. The one above was taken with my cell phone just prior to it’s crapping out on me, so I depended on Funky and Dear to keep a photographic record of our fun times.

More to come!               :::::::::::Liz departs with a Boyscout salute and a smile:::::::::::