I’m such a lost cause when it comes to fashion… not much of it fits my body the way it’s supposed to, nor do I have a real grasp on what comprises good and bad fashion. But for some reason, I am incredibly intrigued by clothes. It truly thrills me when I put together a killer outfit. I don’t have oodles of money to spend on clothing, but now that I’ve discovered the joys of online shopping, I’ve become quite a shopper. I understand now why people love clothes so much! I’ve always hated dressing rooms, but trying things on at home is truly luxurious! But I digress… back to the point:

There is a distinct correlation between how I feel and how I’m dressed. I always feel much better when I’m wearing pretty colors and styles, skirts and heels. I’ve also seen this in action in the high school where I taught – the kids who best followed the dress code (the guy’s code was much stricter than the girls – so they tended to be better dressed) were MUCH better behaved than those that dressed more casually. And my dad, on days when he works from home, always gets up and puts on his work clothes, no matter what. This is a goal I really want to live up to but often don’t. It’s so easy to prefer the comfy clothes to fashionable and presentable clothes, but I find that it often isn’t worth it.

I wonder if this is why those perfectly productive housewives of the 1950s were always wearing dresses and heels around the house? Because I’ll tell you, the days I wear pajamas 24 hours straight are my least productive days. If it weren’t such a chore to do laundry, I think I’d be more willing to break out the nice clothes for at home office days… but it creates so much work to do that. On the other hand, I do really get more done when I’m dressed down to my shoes. So, as I experiment with adulthood, I think my next small step will be to get dressed to the shoes every day for a month and see how much more productive I become. This is going to be a hard resolution to keep I can already tell, but I’m betting on it being worth it.

Now, I’d better get out of these pajamas… I’ve got a phone meeting today and I’m sure it will go better if I wear those strappy sandals, my new Old Navy top and some khakis. Much better.