Wow, it’s late. As of half an hour ago, I was WIDE awake with no plans of ever falling asleep again. As of ten minutes ago, I’m wiped out completely. I can’t even imagine what kept me so wired, except for my utter failure at the “no more sodas” kick I was on, as I have been sipping on a Coke all evening. I guess my body just isn’t used to all of the caffeine and excitement. There’s quite a lot of both to be had in this city.

I wish I had more time to soak it all in. Since I arrived, I’ve been rushing. I’ve been going from 7AM to 9PM for three days straight without a break. That’s just unbearable when most of the day is spent hearing about new art books that are so obscure I couldn’t name five of them if you paid me. It’s not physically demanding (though I’ve done a lot of walking since I arrived, and a lot less subway-ing than I generally do when I’m here), but it is certainly mentally exhausting. I have a feeling that after this weekend, I’m never going to want to see another book again in my life.

Okay, so I exaggerate. Often. And clearly I love books, so never seeing one again would be rather tragic. But to do these conferences twice a year every year is going to either make my brain very wrinkly or I’m going to have to figure out a better way to give my mind a rest than watching hours of mindless television every week, and a more interesting (for my readers at least) way of brain dumping than posting my every thought here instead of my usual witty, insightful observations and comments on life.

Ha. Obviously, the influx of new information has caused delusions of grandeur. I suppose it could be worse; I could be having delusions of wealth and be preparing for a trip to Tiffany and Saks instead. That would definitely come back to bite me. I hear VISA doesn’t accept free review copies of obscure art books in exchange for actual payment…