{Note: this is our 50th post! Holla!}

I feel fresh today, much, MUCH better than I’ve felt about things in a long time. I think I kicked myself in the rear this morning when I realized I’m 26 and I have a career that I’m 100% responsible for. If I don’t do the work, no one will do it for me. I might not get chewed out for slacking, but that doesn’t make it any less my fault.

And so, today I made myself make phone calls. And guess what? Out of the seven calls I’ve made in the last two hours, I’ve made four appointments and am on track to make at least one more for the week. Those are pretty good odds, if I do say so myself. And I didn’t really make any major faux pas! This is extremely comforting. I’m not so bad at this, after all.

As for the state of my home, I’m not sure what to say… it’s still not great, but I’ve got a goal – have it ready for company when my friends come down to go camping in the middle of May. I can do that! Even if I am going to be in New York for 7 of the 17 days between now and then, and on sales calls in Tennessee for 3 of them. That leaves me 7 whole days to get my house in shape! I can do that!

Suffice it to say that this post was mostly just a pep-talk for myself. I don’t like the defeatist attitude I’ve adopted recently, and I’m ready to snap out of it.

Ready? 1-2-3 *SNAP*