Here I am at a coffee house in Auburn, Alabama hoping for the creative juices to hit me. This place has it all – Frank Sinatra music, coffee (obviously), free wireless, and (sort of) comfy sofas. I am waiting for that JK Rowling-like inspiration to flow from my fingertips to the screen. So far, I’m fairly certain I haven’t tapped into her genius. Yet.

What I have done is a fair amount of work… phone calls are a lot less stressful in this public sort of environment, as is staying “on task” with my emails. I feel a lot more guilty about playing instead of working when I’m in my pajamas. However, sometimes I wish Facebook were only available for perusal during the hours of 7-9pm. That would make me a much more productive person. I am just fascinated by people’s status updates. Seriously, almost everyone I know writes fascinating status updates. Full of links and wit and the occasional controversial statement. I have a hard time staying away, even when I’m supposed to be concentrating on my emails. People, quit giving me so much reason to stall!! I need to focus!

Anyway (and yes, I realize how unfocused this sounds), I’d like to know how one becomes a “self-starter.” I used to describe myself this way in job interviews, but I’ve come to find that I was only a “self-starter” when I had someone else starting me. So I guess that doesn’t exactly count, right? I’ve managed to start up and continue posting on this little blog, basically of my own desire and motivation, but this may be the most ambitious thing I’ve started without anyone else prodding me to do it.

So (and Dad, I expect you’ll have some fancy links for me, or at the very least another set of audio CDs…), does anyway have any advice? Should I make lists or set goals (yes, Dad, I know the answer to that question)? Should I plan my day by the half-hour like I used to? Should I just be satisfied with the level of self-startedness I currently possess and do the best I can with it?

I’m coming down off of my coffee-high now so I’m quickly beginning to care less and less about doing anything but listening to Frank croon and chilling out in this mellow environment. This is better than working in an office… it certainly smells better in here than any office I’ve ever worked in… and no one cares if I play on FB… Or text my friends for hours… or whether I’m a self-starter or not… just as long as I buy something every few hours or so!