So it has come to my attention that devoting an entire post to my Friend-at-Large may have been slightly rude considering all of the lovely friends that I have and love. So, for them (in alphabetical order, of course):

  • Dear Friend: The perfect roommate. Seriously, she still lets me borrow her clothes. And to think, we could have easily been set up to live with someone entirely different based solely on the whim of the BSC housing director. I forgive her for not loving TV the way I love it, even though on occasion it makes talking to her difficult as she never gets my allusions and often makes fun of my obsession. But still, she’s pretty awesome. I fully expect our children to be best friends one day… they’ll be thrown together a lot (whenever they actually exist, that is). She’s always there to give me good advice and listen when I need to complain. Thanks for everything, DF!
  • Fabulous Friend: Now this lovely woman is sort of my hero. She puts herself out there and takes chances like no one else I know. She’s very inspiring! Not to mention great to talk to about all sorts of dense and difficult subjects. Being friends with this philosophy major really broadened the topics of conversation normally had by underclass-undergrads. I’m pretty sure I’m smarter for knowing her. And what makes her a great friend is that even while she lived a long way away undergoing a most grueling course of post-graduate studies, she still managed to stay in touch and stay an excellent friend. Love to ya, Fab!
  • Funky Friend: It always makes me feel better to talk to Funky Friend. She is very real, and I appreciate that about her. She doesn’t try to hide her insecurities or frustrations with life – a relief to those of us who feel as if we have to ‘fake it’ just to get by. She doesn’t have it all figured out, but no one really does…and don’t we all benefit from knowing we’re not alone? And it goes without saying that Funky Friend has got an eclectic style that I really love. If I had oodles of money, I’d let her pick out all of my clothes and decorate my home. She’s very cool, and has a range of experience that makes me super jealous. Take me with you next time you travel, Funky!
  • Funny Friend: It would be hard to conceal that Funny Friend is my fellow post-er, Jenny. I worked with Jenny for a couple of years (give or take some months) and had never laughed so hard in my life than the days that we lunched together. Even the most potentially uninteresting story came to life when she told it. She and I have incredibly similar senses of humor and surprisingly similar work ethic, so it should be no shock that we often sent witty emails back and forth to one another during the work day. I’m pretty sure our co-workers knew what was up when we stifle our laughter every five minutes or so. I definitely miss that aspect of office-life… it got me through the day. Here’s to you, Jen!
  • Sista Friend: My darling little sister, you know, the smart, adorable one who only mere months ago was clueless about the future and adulthood but now seems to have the next five years of her life perfectly outlined. Despite my obvious jealousy for her togetherness, Sista makes for an excellent friend. She is part psychoanalyst, part motivational speaker and has gotten me started on numerous projects that would have languished into oblivion had it not been for her. Plus, who else but a sister would come and help me clean and organize my house once a year? I don’t know what I’d do without my own personal Mary Poppins! Hugs and Kisses, Sis!

And of course, Hubby, Mom and Dad, you know I love you, too 🙂 Thanks to all of my friends and family… you make life way more interesting and far more worth living. XOXOX!