I’ve neglected to post much this week as it’s been a sort of complicated one. I started off my week solidly with some excellent appointments and some good sales. After Monday, however, I wasn’t able to schedule a single appointment. I called and called, left voicemails, emails and even stopped by a few places without having much luck at all even speaking with a buyer. I was frustrated, to say the least. However, in a completely unexpected twist, I got several orders fully independent of any appointments. It’s not completely oxymoronic, but stick with me, you’ll see why it fits.

I had two friends share with me that they are pregnant and another friend’s wife just gave birth to a little girl. Lots of wonderful, life affirming activity this week. On the other hand, Hubby lost his grandmother this week. She gave him a lot of love over the years and I know he is sad that she’s passed on.

Somehow, though, in the face of this sadness, the funeral and activities surrounding it were some of the most fun I’ve had in a long time. I saw members of Hubby’s family that I haven’t seen in years and got a chance to hear some wonderful stories that made me laugh so hard my cheeks are actually hurting today. How can a gathering to mourn someone’s death end up being so much fun? I think it’s a testament to the bonds established a long time ago in this fun-loving family. I’m glad I got to be a part of it!

And so, to end my week of oxymorons, I am just about to book a hotel room in NYC with money that I don’t actually have. And paint my toenails. (note: if you’ve ever seen my toenails, you’ll understand why this is an utter oxymoron :))