I’ve known my F-a-L for about half of my life. Yes, I have ‘older’ friends, but, sadly, I don’t have much in common with them anymore. Or else we haven’t made the effort to stay in touch over the years… But my F-a-L has been there for me, even when she hasn’t been able to be there in person. And when we can get together and spend some quality time, it’s like we’re back in high school, skipping yoga together, riding to and from school together, and laughing hysterically about my ridiculous driving or stunted sneezes… Even after four years of regular emails and not one opportunity for a hug or a shared meal, the moment we’re able to hang out again is like it’s been no time at all.

There’s something special about a friend who has as much in common with you as she has not in common with you. And those things that make us like night and day different, they fade so quickly behind conversations of sci-fi and TV and books and favorite subjects and college majors and future plans it feels like we were truly twins separated at birth. What I love is that we can be completely opposite in our thoughts and beliefs on a topic and never once exchange an argumentative word. How is that possible when I can have a riotous disagreement with members of my own family about a topic we essentially agree on?

Maybe it has something to do with personality, too. My Friend-at-Large is one of the most accepting individuals I know. She is able to take a person, faults and all, and see them as completely entitled to their own  hopes, dreams, thoughts, beliefs and actions, looking past differences and bringing out similarities between them. She has a true gift, which may be why I feel like I have more in common with her than I would with a true twin sister. I’m not precisely sure what my particular gift is, but if anyone could pinpoint it – I bet it would be F-a-L 🙂

All of this is why I almost cried when I left her mother’s home this afternoon, knowing I won’t be seeing her again for months (and possibly – but hopefully not – years) to come. Emails are wonderful – heaven knows without them, she and I wouldn’t have been able to stay connected over the years – but they can’t replace that face-t0-face time. It’s hard to know that I’m missing out on a lot of fun and meaningful time with her (having several rather large states in between us when she returns home), but I also dearly want for her to be happy, so I did my best to hold back the tears and wished her well, and a safe trip across the country.

I’ve been rather sentimental this post, and I do apologize as I’ve strayed from my normal self-deprecating humor, but I really want F-a-L to know how much she means to me and how, even in absentia, I consider her to be one of my most cherished friends.

Here’s to you! With Love, YFWCWtSYA

(Your Friend Who Can’t Wait to See You Again)