NOTE: My complaining on this subject is by no means a statement that I believe myself to be blameless. Trust me, I’m plenty to blame. I’ll be happy to recount all the ways I’m to blame toward the end of this post.

Anyway, it really annoys the snot out of me that my three cats seem to think that the most luxurious place to curl up and nap is on top of freshly laundered clothes. I’m not even just talking about the warm ones, which make me want to curl up and take a nap, too. I’m talking about the polo shirts I’ve “straightened” (my substitution for hanging Hubby’s clothes) and thrown over the back of the recliner in our living room. That can’t be that comfortable! And they are clean, they don’t smell like Hubby, really, now that they’re clean… So what’s the draw?

Now, to fully disclose my culpability in this matter:

  1. I convinced my husband it was a good idea to get three cats.
  2. I don’t hang up  my husband’s clothes anymore.
  3. My husband doesn’t actually have a closet anymore either.
  4. Instead of doing something about the problem, I just leave one shirt on top of the stack to catch all the cat hair so Hubby can wear the ones underneath. Then I re-wash the shirt on top and rotate another shirt to the top of the stack. Really, it’s a terrible cycle.
  5. I got worked up enough to write a blog post about it and now that I’ve gone through all the ways that it’s all my fault, I really don’t care anymore.