So I’ve been working on changing my status from “writer” to “author” for about eight months now. Having haunted some very literary blogs over this period, I find that it’s inappropriate to call oneself an “author” until one has been published. Until then, I’m a writer.

But I have written a book. Or, more appropriately, a manuscript. I think I’m a little overly anxious about continuing to edit at this point, even though I know exactly what needs to change. Maybe the problem is that I don’t know how to change it. I felt really good about it until I received some feedback from a librarian and a literary agent, who both gave some incredibly insightful suggestions. I want to fix the problems. But knowing that problems exist has sort of eliminated my motivation to keep working on it.

I suppose the purpose of this post is to put my reluctance to continue plugging along into words and to get some accountability and encouragement. If I say in this public forum that I plan to have completed (yet another) full edit of the manuscript by, say… August (given that I work full time now and I had no job during the three months it took to write and edit the original manuscript a few times through), then I feel like I have something to live up to. And if I publicize my anxiety and frustration, then maybe I can count on a few people (Mom, where have you been?? I need a comment!) to encourage me to keep going.

Anyway, that was my melancholy Sunday morning post for you. Comment as you see fit!