I have a confession. I don’t want to join the rewards program for the Hilton Brand of hotels, for a really stupid reason. I really don’t want to contribute to Paris Hilton’s inheritance.

Here’s another. I nearly died today while attempting to photograph my speedometer with my cell phone camera. Yes, there was a reason. No, it wasn’t worth nearly dying for.

One more. I want to climb out my hotel window in order to get my computer charge cord instead of walking through the lobby. Seriously, my car is right there!

And this one is pretty nice. I lectured Hubby about the importance of keeping my new shiny sink nice and shiny, only to find out that every dish he’s used has gone directly into the dishwasher. I love him. And I hate being a jerk.

This one makes me cringe. I sort of miss the job that I absolutely couldn’t stand for two years. And I keep thinking that maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to go back. I can’t even remember what I  hated so much…

And finally. I ordered a small pizza for myself tonight (veggie, Mom, so chill out, and I only ate half) and didn’t actually cry. I got close, given that the lady on the phone was semi-incompetent, but I didn’t cry.

I guess if I knew how to Hail Mary, I’d do one or fifteen of those… But since I don’t, I suppose I’ll just watch TV and type up the orders I got today!