I promise I am trying. REALLY trying. It’s just that I want to sort of quit. Immediately. Here’s a brief run-down of my glorious failures:

  • Hubby’s car is broken. Part of my task-list involved following him around in my car in attempt to find a car repair shop that was 1) open on Saturday and 2) even capable of repairing a transmission. We found not one such repair place. Finally, we took the darn thing to a dealership this morning, only to find that the necessary repairs would cost more than the car is even worth. Blurgh.
  • My house is not as revolting as some I’ve seen on TV, so that’s a plus. But trying to clean it on my own without the help of a lovely TV crew is a minus. In a big way. I REALLY cleaned 2 rooms on Sunday – the laundry room and the kitchen. The laundry room is only accessible by leaving the main house and has a cement floor. Our German shepherd sleeps there and he’s a big mess most of the time. Thus, the laundry room required bleach and hose. I shudder at the memory of this 1.5 hour long adventure.
  • My work had to be put on hold to deal with Hubby’s car. We are NOT a one car family. It just doesn’t work with me traveling. Fortunately I didn’t have any appointments scheduled for today, so it could have been worse. But still, not the best start to my grown up work ethic.

But there have been some wins in the past couple of days. My sink is seriously the most beautiful I have ever seen it. It only took two hours and a moderate amount of elbow grease. In general, my kitchen looks fantastic, which is a great feeling. And my laundry room smells great, which is a feat in and of itself. Yay! Stay tuned for more!