Today I did taxes. All the day long. Sure, I’ve been paying taxes since 1999 (ugh) and it’s never a surprise. And sure, I think I got more back from the good ole government than in recent years past. But good grief… why does it have to be so difficult? And complicated and painfully, painfully time consuming??

And in other news, I also spent some time this afternoon with my receipts since January. The picture isn’t nearly as grim as I’d imagined it to be, which is very fortunate. In fact it gave me a lot of hope. And some serious m0tivation. I know I can spend parts of my day more wisely than I do. I suppose it’s time to grow up and be responsible for my own time management, since there really isn’t anyone else to do it for me.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m already a grown up and have been for awhile now. But I guess there have been some instances where I’ve not acted the most grown up I could act. Denial is ever so much fun. So much fun in fact, that I’m rather displeased I ever sat down to write this post. It was supposed to be a rant about how much the income tax stinks! Where did I go wrong?