First of all, Hubby, take a moment to regain your senses and/or put down the BB gun. Not that kind of temptation, I promise 😉

Mobile, Alabama is a lovely place. It was the first place I lived after I got married, the first town I lived outside of Birmingham. I’m here this week on business and I’ve just had a most fabulous lunch with an old college professor who very subtly enticed me into wanting to move back here and start grad school in her program. I have multiple reasons why I’d love to do this and an unending list of reasons why grad school for me is currently not an option.

This leads me to my question. People who go to school to get their Masters in Creative Writing write a book in the process of attaining this advanced degree. I have already written a novel. If I were to take the necessary classes and skip the year most people spend writing their novel and teaching Composition 101, could I feasibly get my Masters in one year?

More importantly, though, is whether or not anyone (employers, specifically) would care. Would this degree be merely for my vanity? I can do very little with a MA in CW that I can’t do with a BA in English. I will likely not learn a heck of a lot more than I’ve learned reading agent blogs and working in the publishing industry for the past several years, so would this course not truly be a financial risk without much opportunity for gain?

Therefore, I hereby declare that I have earned the equivalent of a Masters in Creative Writing through experience and through the writing of my novel (which may never see a bookshelf near you…) for my own peace of mind and financial well-being. Please, dear friends, remind me of my self-appointed Mastership if ever I apply to a Masters Program in English Literature or Creative Writing! I am only allowing myself the opportunity for an advanced degree in some other field that interests me, or if I decide that I want to get my PhD in English or Creative Writing instead, in order to teach on the college level.

This temptation for higher learning from being back on the campus where I graduated is nearly too hard to bear… but I will remain strong! I’ve given myself a goal of making 36 phone calls this week, at least one of which is bound to end traumatically, so look forward to hearing about that in the near future.

I’m off to enjoy the lovely city of Mobile, in the meantime. Adieu!