Wow, talk about random. I woke up this morning at 7 to find our front yard coated in a pretty thick layer of crisp, white snow. Of course, I was huddled into the tiniest possible fetal position I could manage under my too-thin blanket because (being that it was bout 70 degrees yesterday) we’d not turned the heat on last night.

I’ve got to say, I’m not a huge fan of the cold. But I do love snow, especially when it sticks and accumulates enough to get a nice big bowl of snow-ice-cream and make a fun snowman*. We turned up the heat and stood at the windows for a good ten minutes just soaking in the views.

There was something about how clean everything looked when covered in snow that inspired me to go bonkers and clean my whole home in record time. And Hubby pitched in (perhaps doing more than I did), making it a very nice morning indeed. The afternoon was much lovelier because here in Auburn, the snow started later than elsewhere and thus ended later, giving us ample time to get outside and enjoy the five inches with our cats.

We had a snowball fight that lasted all of five minutes. I was panting and laughing so hard that my aim was worse than normal, leaving me helpless when Hubby starting flinging snow faster than I could blink the flakes from my lashes. I collapsed on the yard and made a snow angel while Hubby took pictures and reveled in his victory.

This was a truly joyful afternoon!! I’m still pretty frozen but quite pleased with my grown-up snow day.           🙂



P.S. – His rosy cheeks are pepperonis!