Now that I’ve given you a decent idea of how my brain works, I think it’s probably appropriate to introduce you to my husband. He is by far and away the most thoughtful person I know and while he has his flaws, he definitely makes up for them by being a most excellent listener and friend. I’d probably have daily panic attacks if it weren’t for him, so please, if you see him around, give him a pat on the back for his services as a husband.

Now I hate to make the ladies jealous, but I just want to share with you all the fantastic gift he gave me today.  He went with me to the grocery store. Never have I appreciated a gift more. It’s not that I dislike going to the grocery store, but it definitely stresses me out. Perhaps because I tend to go to the grocery store about once a month and generally fill up my “buggy” half way through my shopping. And then I actually physically need assistance but since I am usually all by myself, I have to go through the check-out line at Wal Mart twice instead of just the normal torturous once through.

But I was saved from this torture by my fabulous husband of five years. I know that Valentine’s Day is usually reserved for flowers, chocolates, pricey dinners and poetry, but after awhile, all of that stuff is meaningless. I think it says a lot about dear hubby that he knew enough and thought enough about what I would really want on Valentine’s Day, and gave me that instead.

—- I’m posting this a few days after writing it, but I hope everyone had a lovely V-day!