I’d like to begin by saying that this post will most likely make no sense*. Time is one of those concepts that only Einstein could write convincingly about, and even he begins to lose people after awhile. Nevertheless, I’m going to take a stab at it.

Since I mentioned Einstein, I guess it’s safe to start there. Time is relative. We’ve all experienced this in some form or another; for instance when you’re a 5 year old on your way to grandma’s, 45 minutes feels like an eternity. That same 45 minute drive as a 20 year old feels a lot less eternal since it’s a smaller percentage of your life. Or, when you’re sitting through physics class and those 45 minutes feel longer than the rest of the school day combined. (In case you’re wondering, the confusing and nonsensical part is still to come…buckle up!)

So it makes perfect sense that my concept of time is feeling a little skewed these days. Here’s an example of what is putting me out of sorts chronologically speaking: this past week, I went to appointments in my hometown. I learned to drive in this city. I’ve driven on probably 80% of the roads in this city and one point or another, in all sorts of weather and traffic. I know this city. So why did I invariably give myself less time than I needed to get places? I’m not talking about two or three minutes late, I’m talking about ten to fifteen minutes late. I’m a punctual person, generally speaking, so what was going on with me?

Part of the problem as I see it is that my concept of time has skewed to the point where I have a completely unrealistic sense of how long say, 45 minutes really is. In my mind, a drive that in actuality takes 45 minutes seems to me to take 30 minutes. All this leads me to wonder, at what point in life did I have a perfect concept of time? I guess when I was 15 or something, which really stinks considering I’ve still, ideally, got about 60 more years to live – who knows how much my sense of time will be off by then…and I don’t want to be known as the person who shows up two hours late to an appointment thinking she’s going to be perfectly on time.

I can pretty much guarantee that that last part made no sense, but I appreciate you hanging in there with me. I’m not even particularly sure if I made my point. Let’s just assume I did, since right now, I’m not even sure what my point was. On that note, all I’ve really got to say is, see ya (just don’t blame me if I’m 15 minutes late)!



* Special thanks to Tay for her help making this post semi-logical!