When I mentioned to my mother that I planned to post on roosters today, her response was: “Why, are you planning on adopting one?”

This is a perfectly legitimate question given my current zoo/farm/chipmunk sanctuary living situation, but for once, Mom didn’t call it right! Nope, today’s post concerns not my own odd pet needs but someone else’s.

Today I visited a dear friend’s home while “on the road” for work. There I found an adorable home in an adorable neighborhood – with one interesting exception. (Before I start in on my friend’s neighbors, I’d like to refer back to my previous post on my own rather sketchy neighbor situation and comment that I still think my friend’s neighborhood is far and away nicer than my own.)

But she does have some interesting neighbors of her own. The chicken coop in the next back yard stuck out pretty hardcore, particularly when the rooster crowed. At four fifteen in the afternoon. Multiple times.

I found this incredibly odd. I’m not against poultry farming by any stretch of the imagination, but in the middle of a suburban neighborhood?? What is the purpose in this? Honestly I have no idea how many eggs a couple of chickens and a rooster can produce (well, obviously the rooster won’t exactly produce any eggs…but you know what I mean), but is it worth it to annoy the crap out of your neighbors just to get a dozen eggs a week? And how much do live chickens cost, anyway? I mean… this just doesn’t seem that cost effective when you count in how many eggs you are likely to have thrown at your house in the wee hours of the morning.

Oh, and dear friend, I recommend that you suggest being compensated with free eggs for having to deal with the surprisingly random crowing of your “fowl” neighbors. If this doesn’t work out, I’ll loan you my husband’s BB gun, no questions asked.