Jenny and Liz welcome you to their blog, which, while not officially until today, has been a work in progress for approximately three years now. If only they could resurrect the emails that flew between them for a year and a half while working together as assistant buyers for a lovely retail bookstore chain for others’ enjoyment, they certainly would do so. However, such a move would certainly get them fired if they hadn’t already quit over a year ago. And since they value the friends they made that still work for this retail bookstore chain, they’d better just give up the idea of commenting on said chain, full stop.

Instead, they intend to comment on life as twenty-something career women. While living and working in Alabama doesn’t necessarily make them authorities on being twenty-something career women, they feel they have useful thoughts to add to the dialogue on what it means to be stuck between youthful frivolity and adult responsibility. Both are happily married and presently childless, a state of being that lends itself to frequent insight and allows them the time to devote to sharing it with the world.

Look for posts by Jenny and Liz regularly throughout the week, regarding any subject that strikes their fancy! Feel free to comment as you feel led.